Faculty of History of the Jagiellonian University announces a competition for several positions to be occupied in the frame of the Nakum Archaeological Project that will be carried out at the Maya site of Nakum in north-eastern Guatemala. The research includes both field excavations as well as laboratory studies of all discovered artefacts in Guatemala and in Poland. The project is financed by the National Science Centre and its major aim is to study the Protoclassic period in Nakum in a wider cultural and geographic context of Maya Lowlands (project title: On the frontier of two epochs: the Protoclassic period in the Maya Lowlands in the context of research in Nakum (Guatemala), project director: Jarosław Źrałka, PhD). We expect all interested persons to fulfill requirements that are provided in case of each co-investigator. The competition is opened for both scholars (Co-investigators nos. 2, 3, 4 and 6) as well as students (laboratory technicians).

All candidates should send their CVs to the following direction: zralka.j@gmail.com (applications of scholars) or magdalena.rusek@gmail.com (applications of students). Documents may also be sent to the following direction:

Jarosław Źrałka

Instytut Archeologii

Uniwersytet Jagielloński

Ul. Gołębia 11

31-007 Kraków


Co-investigator 2:

  • Scientific task: analysis of Maya ceramics from Nakum with major focus on ceramic figurines; documentation (drawing and description) of all complete or semi-complete vessels and other ceramic artefacts;
  • period of employment: 40 months;
  • type of employment: full time (umowa o pracę)
  • salary: 2500 PLN/month, working time: 90% of full time;
  • requirements: archaeologist with very good knowledge on Maya ceramic chronology with major focus on Maya figurines, artistic skills in drawing figurines and vessels;
  • submission deadline: May 5, 2015

Co-investigator 3:

  • Scientific task: lithic analysis (drawing, photographing, description and discussion of all recovered stone artefacts such as obsidian tools, chert chipped stone artefacts and non-chipped stone lithic artefacts);
  • period of employment: 20 months;
  • type of employment: Contract of specified task (umowa o dzieło)
  • salary: 2000 PLN/month; working time: 70% of full time
  • requirements: archaeologist with knowledge on Maya lithic technology and long experience in studying and classifying lithic artefacts, artistic skills in drawing lithic; artefacts;
  • submission deadline: April 26, 2015

Co-investigator 4:

  • Scientific task: anthropological analysis of all skeletons found at Nakum, sampling bones for strontium, carbon and nitrogen analyses; supervising these analyses in a professional laboratory located in Europe or North America; preparation of description of all results gained during anthropological research;
  • period of employment: 4 months;
  • type of employment: Contract of specified task (umowa o dzieło);
  • salary: 2500 PLN/month; working time: full time;
  • requirements: physical anthropologist and/or bioarchaeologist with long experience in the field of Maya archaeology and physical anthropology;
  • submission deadline: May 20, 2015

Co-investigator 6:

  • Scientific task: analysis of ceramic and shell artefacts; cataloguing of all ceramic and shell artefacts; drawing artefacts; searching for sources of clay used for the production of ceramics; conducting petrographic analyses of selected Nakum ceramic fragments;
  • period of employment: 30 months;
  • type of employment: contract of specified task (umowa o dzieło);
  • salary: 2800 PLN/month; working time:  full time
  • requirements: archaeologist with very good knowledge on Maya ceramic classification and chronology (classification of Maya ceramics within „type-variety” system), and marine material (shell artefacts); general knowledge on Maya petrography is also required;
  • submission deadline: May 6, 2015

Laboratory technicians: Auxiliary personnel:

  • Scientific task: persons drawing and marking ceramic and stone artefacts – 4 persons per season (four seasons: 2015-2019), students of archaeology (volunteers);
  • Period of employment: 2-3 months per each archaeological season in Guatemala
  • Salary: no salary, volunteer work, accommodation and board in Guatemala is provided by the Project;
  • Requirements: students of archaeology with at least 3 month field experience in excavations and artistic skills (preparation of standard field drawings of archaeological units and archaeological artefacts – ceramics)
  • Submission deadline: May 6, 2015 for students participating in 2015 season; November 20, 2015 for 2016 season, November 20, 2016 for 2017 season; November 20, 2017 for 2018 season, and November 20, 2018 for 2019 season.